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2013 Archived News for Harvey County Independent

Hot Pink Toilets To Flush Out Cancer

Posted 4/30/2013

SEDGWICK – Want to have some fun with your friends and neighbors and help raise money for to combat cancer?

Then put a hot pink toilet in your friend or neighbor’s yard in the “Flushing Out Cancer” fundraiser that is being held in Sedgwick.

In an effort to raise donations for Relay For Life, to be held at Bethel College June 1, the SUMC Night Owls team is circulating two hot pink toilets around Sedgwick. If a toilet appears in your yard, it was sent to you by someone else in the community.

You can send a toilet for $10. If you have a toilet show up in your yard, a suggested donation of $5 will have it removed and an additional $5 to find out who sent it to you. You can protect yourself from ending up with the hot pink fixture in your front yard by purchasing toilet insurance for $20. The insurance will insure that a toilet will not be placed in your yard.

If you would like to place a toilet in someone’s yard or you would like to buy insurance, call 316-772-5698. If you are unable or unwilling to participate, call the same number to have the toilet removed.

The SUMC relay team participants are Charlie and Verla Swindler, Cindy Swindler, Kathy Hirschler, Barb Sage, Larry and Phyl Asher, Donna Harper, Terri McGinn, Sharon Hess, John and Karen Dater, Samm Vogt, Diane Thompson, and Jess Longstaff.

All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society and will help us Flush Out Cancer! 

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Halstead Widow Receives Late Husband's Vietnam Medals

Posted 4/30/2013

By Karen Jacobs

HALSTEAD – A visit to apply for survivors’ benefits with the Veterans Administration has resulted in a medallion and medal of appreciation recognizing the military service of a Halstead woman’s late husband.

Dian Wright said when she went to apply for survivor benefits she was told her husband was entitled to the honors.

Wright received a medallion and medal for her husband, Johnny, who died Nov. 3, 2011. She received the package in April with a letter from the state of Kansas thanking Johnny for his time of service in Vietnam.

Johnny Wright went in to the Army in November of 1963. He did his training at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. Following his training, he was transferred to Oklahoma. Dian said he went to Texas and flew to California and there he was shipped to Vietnam but not without problems.

She said he rarely talked about his time in Vietnam but he did talk about the boat ride over. She said they had engine problems that caused them to cross the international date line three times. It was May of 1965 when Wright went to Vietnam. 

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Making Progress

Posted 4/30/2013

Equipment was brought in last week to tear down the Paradise Grill restaurant building after a fire destroyed the building. 

More Photos In our Gallery.

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Homecoming Sunday Marks Start Of Church

Posted 4/30/2013

By Shelly Watkins

BENTLEY– In 1890, the Bethany Baptist Church was organized on Aug. 9 by 10 original members: K.B. Taylor, Laura Taylor, Nellie Taylor, J. H. Rosenberger, Mrs, J. H. Rosenberger, Victoria Rosenberger, Alta Rosenberger, J.H.Hall, Mary I.Hall, and Ivy Hall.

In honor of the founding, the first Sunday in May is designated as homecoming each year.  

This year the church will be hosting Model A Fords.  In spirit of the historical day, it is suggested that as many people who are able, wear an article of clothing that might have been popular in the 1928-31 era when the Model A's were manufactured. 

The Methodist church near Bentley and Bethany Baptist joined forces to build the church on land donated by B. C. Smith. The building was completed on Aug. 28, 1892.  The Baptists bought out the half-share of the Methodists in 1908.

The building was remodeled in 1922 and 1923 with a basement and an addition of a Baptistry on the west side. 

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